Qindaa’ina(Setting) Qafoo Mobile Keenyaa Sirreeffachuuf Tartiiba barbaachisu

GPRS Manual Configuration
Apparates Name Setting Procedure Remark
Nokia Menu>Settings>Connectivity>Packet Data>Packet Data Settings>Active Access Point>Active>Packet Data Access Point>Access Point=etc.com For Nokia 6300,3110c..(For non Smart Nokia phones)
BlackBerry Menu>Option>Advanced Option>TCP>APN=etc.com & Name=XXX
Techno Menu>Setting>connectvity>data account>option>add PS account>APN=etc.com
Iphone Menu>Setting>GeneralSeting>Network>APN=etc.com & Name=XXX
Alcatel Menu>Setting>connectvity>data account>option>add PS account>APN=etc.com
Samsung Menu>Setting>More>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names>New APN>APN=etc.com & Name=XXX
HUAWEI Setting>Mobile Network>Access Point Name>APN=etc.com & Name=XXX also applicable For Smart Phones with Androide OS//Samsung/Micromax/Nokia
for all CHINA phones Menu>Services/WAP/internet icon/Data Account>GPRS>APN=etc.com & Name=XXX
Motorola Menu>Web Access>Web Sessions>Access Point Name>APN=etc.com & Name=XXX
HTC Settings>Wireless & Networks>Access Point Names>New APN>APN=etc.com & Name=XXX

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