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Waa'ee keenya

oroict.com Solutions is an Ethiopian based IT development & consulting firm that specializes in Business App Development, Digital & Media Marketing, ICT Consulting, Training and Support, Web Services & Branding, System Maintanance, Integration and also Monitoring.

oroict.com Solutions professionals have proven expertise and years of practice-oriented expertise in the IT arena. We strive for 100% client satisfaction in any project we undertake and, to achieve this, we continuously update our knowledge base to ensure that we surpass the toughest client requirements and expectations challenge and use methodology, tools and solutions which are based on proven, mature and state-of-the-art technologies and standards.

oroict.com Solutions professionals work closely with clients across the spectrum to identify and develop the IT strategy that best meets their strategic goals and then apply in depth understanding of client specific objectives, resources and constraints to build systems that are ideally suited to support clients’ requirements. Our system integration expertise helps our clients integrate proven state of the art technologies to achieve specific business objectives strategies.

Our approach is primarily based on the Objected-Oriented approach to software engineering, which is use case driven, architecture-centric, iterative and incremental. We use the Unified Modeling Language (UML) as a language and tool to visualize the different work product of requirement analysis, design and development.

We are known for undertaking complex, brand-driven, collaborative, multidisciplinary projects. Our work has helped clients integrate design into their strategic thinking, realize their business goals, develop memorable brands and create value. But don’t just take our word, witness our work

  • Digital & Media Marketing
  • Business Application Development
  • ICT Consulting, Training and Support
  • Web Services & Branding
  • oroict.com Solutions Ready System are:
    1. oroict.comERP
    2. oroict.comSchoolMS
    3. oroict.comHotelMS
    4. oroict.comHospitalMS
    5. oroict.comCafe&RestorantMS
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Meet the team

Team Profile

Abdisa Bancha Jara

Managing Director

Obbo Abdisa, is IT Experts with more than 7years, Self-motivated creative Entrepreneur and knowledgeable Information Technology Specialist, utilizing his skills effectively in the IT Industry
Abdisa Bencha Jara, Won the Third Prize for Best Projects Selection of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2017 held at German, Berlin.

Team Profile

Sena Abba Biya

Tech expert

Dub.Sena is Tech expert with proven experience of 4years in software development & Implementation, Troubleshooting, Customer services, and more.

Team Profile

Nageso Bancha


Obbo Nagesso is Legal expert with more than 15years exprience

What Makes Us Different?

oroict.com Solutions offers cutting edge software solutions and integrated ICT Services, that seek to enhance the efficiency of your business. with sophisticated and expertise experience in development of offshore software solutions, we believe that our team of experts are up to the task using industry standard development tools and disciplined software development practices that integrate well with networked components.

We are able to develop software for any application on a variety of computer accessories and systems. we believe in project management capabilities, and stringent quality standards, enable us to develop professional cutting edge technologies.

  • A brainwork factory!
  • We are what we call ‘Creative Maniacs!’
  • We are gang of crazy people with innovative ideas.
  • We take pride in our ideation, creation and execution of concepts.

Customer Benefits

  • Authomate & Expand your Marketing Opportunity

  • Improve Your Advertising Effectiveness & Higher Revenues.

  • Strategize with The Valuable Data and Analytics

  • Improve Productivity, Save Time, Money on Printing and Distribution Costs.

  • Simplfy Communications & Expand Your Market

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“There is a spiritual aspect to our lives — when we give, we receive — when a business does something good for somebody, that somebody feels good about them!” 

– Ben Cohen