About Us

OROMO ICT(www.oroict.com) is an on-line portal dedicated ONLY to Information and Communications Technology(ICT) reporting in Ethiopia and throughout the world. In addition to the web page, it is also published simultaneously on other platforms including www.facebook.com/oroict, www.twitter.com/oromo_ict, www.youtube.com/oromoict, www.googleplus.com/oromoict and linkedin.com/oromoict.

We provide Tutorials, news, opinions, indigenous innovations and endeavours to increase Ethiopia content in the cyberspace. The platform also beams searchlights on States and Federal Government along with its agencies for the purpose of revealing their actions and inactions towards promoting IT penetration, and where deficient OROMO ICT seeks experts’ opinion to help decision makers.

Here, we also Research and Analyse Ethiopian and international ICT industry and our team maintain strong relations with stakeholders in the industry. We are ready to collaborate with governments, agencies, and institutions both local and international to further shared objectives in technology advancement. This Platform provides opportunity to stakeholders to showcase their ideas, products and services and OROMO ICT promises to remain IT medium ONLY… because we believe that the future is digital.


Tajaajiloota Kenninu




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