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Maxxansa darbeJecha Darbii(Password) Koompitaraa yoo daganne: OROMO ICT
Maxxansa itti-aanuMemory, Flash,Fi SD Card Akkamitti Sirreeffama: OROMO ICT
Founder/CEO/Owner at oro ICT | Qubee Technologies - IT Specialist[App developer, Web designer, Blogger, Chief Editor of afaan-oromoo.com and https://fayyaa.afaan-oromoo.com, and ICT Consultant(https://oroict.com/] ---- I'm a self-motivated & creative social Entrepreneur and knowledgeable Information Technology Specialist. I Work well independently, or in a group setting providing all facets of computer help desk support, customer support, Consultation, troubleshooting, Development, Entrepreneurship, Youth Empowerment, and Volunteer young. I have ability to easily identifies and resolves technical issues and concerns. Excellent communication and presentation capabilities. I won the BRONZE(3rd Prize] worldwide award in Category of Best Project of 2017 on 'Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition' held at Oct 21, 2017 in German, Berlin. As I'am very active on different social media, there are a lots of Information i can provide for AI, accordingly, I kindly want to engage in volunteer Activities of AI. Thank You in Advance! GALATOOMAA!



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